Federal Diversity Internship Initiative

Approximate Date of Posting: January 5, 2017

Position: Library Science or Information Systems

Location: Various (Usually D.C and surrounding areas accessible via Public Transportation)

Schedule/Hours Full-time

Time Frame:  ·
Check-In—June 4

Internship Begins—June 6

Internship Ends—August 10

Check-Out—August 12

Compensation: Stipend & Housing

Source: UNC Listserver


This is a fully-funded program with internships available at several federal agencies. Selected candidates will receive housing paid for by The Washington Center, a stipend, and a full-time, ten-week internship.

Website: www.twc.edu/federal

To apply: www.twc.edu/apply.

Contact: Lyndsy Horn

Senior Admissions Coordinator

Any questions can be directed to  lyndsy.horn@twc.edu or 202-238-7917.

Deadline: January 18, 2018


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