NASA summer internship History and Archives Summer 2017 Internship

Approximate Date of Posting: January 26, 2017

Position:         History Office and Archives-Archival Repositroy

Location Huntsville, Aabama

Company/Organization  NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time

Time Frame:  Summer

Compensation $6,000 for undergraduate students and $7,500 for graduate students.

Source: ALIS jobs listserv


NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s History Program Office is seeking an intern for the summer 2017 term. The intern will assist with collecting and archiving oral histories, processing archival materials and developing historical content for the web, podcasts and social media. The intern also will research historical topics related to Marshall Space Flight Center’s history and will engage with the relevant professional literature as applicable to assigned duties.

The expected outcome is a digital portfolio of completed products and a final report or poster presentation.

Students of all majors may apply. While detailed prior knowledge of the aeronautics and space fields is not necessary, applicants must possess basic understanding of archival arrangement, digitization equipment/software and historical methodologies. Pay is $6,000 for undergraduate students and $7,500 for graduate students.

If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Brian Odom at


Deadline: March 1, 2017.



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