Developmental Intern – Digital Library

Approximate Date of Posting: February 16, 2017

Position: Developmental Intern – Digital Library

Location: White Plains, New York

Company/Organization New York Power Authority

Schedule/Hours Unspecified

Time Frame:  Unspecified

Compensation: Unspecified

Source: LinkUp


The intern will work with NYPA’s new Digital Library organizing engineering resources and evaluating electronic services. They will perform some basic cataloging , including Z39.50. They will research ebooks and publications and make recommendations for purchase. They will work with BU to assist with use of electronic resources while improving business processes.

The critical skill areas the intern will support: Digital Library, Information management, code compliance

goals/objectives the intern will achieve by working on this project:

Understanding end user needs helping to transform paper users to electronic sources

Evaluate old NYPA sources and costs and recommend cost effective electronic replacements

Train the end user community on Library and information resources.

Link electronic sources/databases to the NYPA intranet for users.

recommend mobile apps for working with library information

Required Skills

Technical (including computer applications):

The user should have a basic understanding of how library software functions in particular how to support a digital library through an OPAC. They should have basic web design skills, such as HTML coding. They should have strong mobile device management and application skills (ipad preferred). Understand cloud software management, and have some exposure to testing and modifying software. strong excel skills.
Soft’ Skills (behavioral characteristics):

A passion for information sharing and library management. Ability to speak in front of a group. Excellent communication skills both written and verbal. Ability to work with technical users and and ability to translate technical information to the non technical audience.

Required Experience

Masters of Library Science Candidates preferred

Undergraduates should be either Computer Science Majors, History and Research majors or Engineering majors who know their way around a library

Working knowledge of Library systems, including OPAC systems, MARC records, and e-book providers

Understanding of basic Mobile applications

Experience with Operating Systems and Databases


Deadline: Unspecified


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