Library Intern

Approximate Date of Posting  February 22, 2017

Position: Library Intern

Location: New York, New York

Company/Organization  Marvel Comics/Disney


Time Frame May-August

Compensation: Unspecified

Source LinkUp


Marvel is looking for interns to run its in-house library. Interns will help with the cataloging, upkeep and circulation of the company’s vast catalog of comics and trades.

Marvel library interns must have a strong interest in library science with a clear understanding of the cataloging and care of comics. Interns must be able to work independently and solve problems. Marvel prefers students who have had experience working in a library.

All candidates must be eligible to work in the US.

All candidates must be at least 18 years old.

All candidates must be available during the months of May through August.

All candidates must provide their own housing and transportation for the duration of the internship.

All candidates must be able to have a consistent, reliable work schedule throughout the session.

Library intern candidates should be a college student pursuing a degree in the library sciences.

Resume must outline other internships, degrees earned, work experience, related clubs and organizations, current major course of study, expected graduation date and extracurricular activities.

Cover letter must include a personal introduction, and days/times available during internship period.

Preferred Junior or Senior-level standing

Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The library intern will be responsible for the day-to-day activity of circulating comics and books. Additionally, they will be helping to catalog Marvel’s vast catalog of comics and trades. This catalog will be used to easily search for, retrieve, check in and check out all reference comics. Library interns inform on every step of the process, helping to mold the most accessible system possible.


Deadline: Unspecified


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