Historic Preservation Internship-Multiple Archives Opportunities & Records Management

Approximate Date of Posting: March 3, 2017

Position: Archives

A complete list of available positions can be found at the NCPE PreserveNet web site at http://www.preservenet.cornell.edu/employ/ncpe.php and at the NPS Internship Program site at http://www.nps.gov/tps/education/internships.htm .

Location: Various locations throughout the United States

Company/Organization  National Park Service.U.S. Department of the Interior

Schedule/Hours: Full-time

Time Frame:  This notice covers the period June through December 2017

Usually ten weeks

Compensation Stipends range from a total of $4800 for shorter positions and up for  longer-term positions

Source: Technical Preservation Services https://www.nps.gov/tps/education/internships.htm


The Historic Preservation Internship Training Program trains our future historic preservation professionals.

Under a Cooperative Agreement between the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) and the National Park Service, internships are being offered for highly qualified undergraduate seniors and graduate students pursuing a degree in historic preservation or a closely allied field, such as anthropology, archeology, architectural history, architecture, ethnography, history, landscape architecture, museum studies, and planning.  Very recent graduates are also eligible.  NCPE is a national, non-profit organization representing over fifty institutions regularly involved in historic preservation education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Interns will be under the direction of one of many professionals in the NPS and partnering agencies in various locations.

The internship program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical experience in cultural resource management programs in the National Park Service headquarters, field offices, and parks, and in other federal agencies.

Working under the direction of experienced historic preservation professionals, students undertake short-term research and administrative projects.

Students learn about and contribute to the national historic preservation programs and the federal government’s preservation and management of historic properties.

The short-term internships are available in the summer and during the school year. The internship program is operated jointly with the National Council for Preservation Education.

Please contact Paloma Bolasny by email or phone at (202) 354-2174 for more information.

Or direct any questions to waso_cr-intern@nps.gov

Website: https://www.nps.gov/tps/education/internships.htm

Deadline: Summer Internship March 13, 2017.


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