Special Library Intern

Approximate Date of Posting: March 4, 2017

Position: Special Library Intern

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Company/Organization  The Colossian Forum

Schedule/Hours: Part-time, average 15 hours per week; number of hours per week and length of internship is negotiable

Time Frame:  Summer or Fall 2017  approximately 16 weeks

Compensation $2,000 stipend upon completion of the internship and includes the benefit of mileage reimbursement to and from work sites at the standard IRS mileage rate (not to exceed $75/week).

Source: Indeed  https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=08cced2e8be5f868&q=Paid+Library+Internship&tk=1baf00g321d58a0c&from=ja&alid=581b34e30cf2afb8b41c57d9&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts


This internship will focus on the development of special libraries for two non-profit organizations (The Colossian Forum and Issachar Fund) at locations in the Grand Rapids and Greater Grand Rapids area. The intern will work with staff from the two organizations to identify a viable ILS for their collections, procure the ILS and create the ILS’s base structure to meet the needs of the organizations, establish an intake and cataloging process for all new materials purchased by the organizations, train staff in use of the ILS and intake/cataloging process, and determine means for processing and loading currently owned materials into the ILS.


Engage staff members from both The Colossian Forum and Issachar Fund to determine their needs and desired ends for establishing special libraries for their organizations.

Review the organizations’ current collections.

Research potential ILS solutions for the organizations (focus will be on non-proprietary solutions befitting a non-profit organization).

Present a report to the organizations detailing pros and cons of various ILS solutions and providing a recommendation for a preferred solution.

Implement the selected ILS solution developing the structure for the system in order to meet the needs of the organizations.

Develop the process (including identifying necessary hardware) for intake/cataloging of new materials for the special libraries.

Train staff members from the organizations in how to use the ILS as well as process new materials.

Determine the process for adding existing materials into the ILS as well as labeling of those materials to match the intake process for new materials.

Begin loading existing materials into the ILS and processing them (as time allows).

Maintain good communication with project leads from both organizations providing updates on work status in relationship to deadlines and these principal duties.


Attending an accredited school and pursuing a MLIS degree.

Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) at the time of application.


Passionate about special libraries and the opportunity to create a library system from the ground up.

Ability to work independently as well as with organizational staff and outside vendors.

Highly self-motivated and accountable.

Strong written and verbal communication skills in order to articulate a vision for special libraries, write processes and procedures, and train staff in use of those procedures.

Takes pleasure in developing processes and procedures that are clear, ordered, and repeatable.

Knowledge of and keen interest in integrated library systems (ILSs).

Strong experience with technology and particularly computing hardware and software environments.

Experience with and passion for library cataloging and acquisitions.


The vision of The Colossian Forum (TCF) is for a transformed church—from one that is a place of combative polarization, losing credibility with young Christians and in larger society, to one that is charitable, thoughtful, and able to engage tough problems—a church that knows even in disagreements, “all things hold together in Christ” (Col. 1:17). TCF has fine-tuned an innovative yet proven process for helping the church face into the fear and confusion stemming from cultural conflicts like poverty, racism, sexuality, and human origins. We show how divisive issues can become catalysts for intergenerational discipleship and witness.

The Issachar Fund partners with scholars, leaders, and organizations that seek religious and scientific truth, learning from and contributing to the ideals, values, knowledge, and practices of our increasingly multicultural society. The love of and pursuit of truth requires knowledge of our times, of key issues, of habits of mind and of the culture’s values. It is critical that Christians in our day understand and engage the world in which they live.


This is a temporary internship opportunity lasting approximately 16 weeks (average 15 hours per week; number of hours per week and length of internship is negotiable). Payment is in the form of a $2,000 stipend upon completion of the internship and includes the benefit of mileage reimbursement to and from work sites at the standard IRS mileage rate (not to exceed $75/week).

Interns are not employees of either The Colossian Forum or Issachar Fund and, as such, are not eligible for other benefits beyond that which is described above.

This internship description has been designed to indicate the general nature, and essential duties and responsibilities of activities performed by the Special Library Intern. It is not a comprehensive inventory of all responsibilities and qualifications necessary for this internship.


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