B Braun PA Intern – Clinical Education

Approximate Date of Posting  March 12, 2017

Position: Literature-Research Intern

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Company/Organization  B Braun

 Schedule/Hours 8 am – 5 pm

Time Frame Unspecified minimum of a ten to twelve week commitment

Compensation: Unspecified

Source Indeed   http://www.bbraunusa.com/


Braun’s Internship Program is designed to provide College and University enrolled or recently graduated students with a meaningful experience within the Life Sciences industry. The students are given an opportunity to gain a valuable corporate or operations learning experience through a finite project determined by each department. Projects vary for each intern assignment depending on the needs of the department, and each will provide the intern with both a meaningful and relevant work experience. Internships are a minimum of a ten to twelve week commitment. A mentor will be assigned to each intern to help guide them through their experience. Interns will be asked to conduct a presentation to their department outlining their internship experience.

Responsibilities: Essential Duties

  • Conduct comprehensive medical education literature searches
  • Assess found published studies for relevance in the areas of vascular access, hazardous drug , and pain management educational outcomes
  • Build applicable literature review databases. Our research efforts are focused on the motivation, knowledge, confidence, skills, attitudes, and behavioral impact of various clinical education interventions.


Expertise: Qualifications – Experience/Training/Education/Etc


  • An undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Library Sciences and/or Information Sciences.
  • Student must be prepared to hit the ground running with relevant keywords that will be provided.
  • Experience in conducting scholarly literature searches using one or more of the following search engines; Google Scholar, PubMed, Cochrane Library, EBSCO, ERIC, CABI, MedlinePlus, etc
  • Must be enrolled in a related Bachelors or Masters Degree program.
  • MS Office skills – Excel, Power point, Word, simple database management
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal


  • Completed Junior year of Bachelors Program

Website: https://bbrauncareers-bbraun.icims.com/jobs/9707/b-braun-pa-intern—clinical-education/job?mode=job&iis=Job+Board&iisn=Indeed.com&alid=5746e0c2e4b00f6d0c49474c&mobile=false&width=1168&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240

Deadline: Unspecified


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