Department of Justice Libraries-Internship & Practicum Opportunities

Approximate Date of Posting: March 23, 2017

Position: Federal Law Library Internship* No law degree or legal experience necessary.

Location: Washington, D.C

Company/Organization   The Department of Justice Libraries

Schedule/Hours: at least 8 hours a week

Time Frame: Summer (year-round opportunities as well)

Compensation Unpaid

Source: Catholic Universities

Careers in Federal Libraries Google Group


The Department of Justice Libraries offer ongoing unpaid internships in Washington, D.C. to library science graduate students interested in gaining work experience in a federal law library setting.  Practicum opportunities are available for those with an interest in reference, research and web design as well as digitization and technical services.   No law degree or legal experience necessary. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Sample activities include:
-Gain research skills working on real-world questions.
– Help develop and maintain intranet pages and research guides for the DOJ Virtual Library.
-Create intranet finding aids for un-cataloged library collections such as Attorney General Memoranda or Legislative files.  Create e-legislative histories of statutes enforced by DOJ.
-Assist in implementing an electronic discovery service, integrating it with DOJ databases.
-Digitize important paper collections, increasing accessibility to DOJ researchers, including those with disabilities.
We are looking for motivated, self-starting library school graduate students able to work at least eight hours a week.  Successful applicants must be a U.S. Citizen and enrolled in a degree program. We will assist a student in obtaining academic credit.

To apply, please email resume and references to  and  .

The application deadline for Summer 2017 is Friday, April 14th. No phone calls please.  Thank you.


Deadline: The application deadline for Summer 2017 isFriday, April 14, 2017


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