Harvard University-ACRL Diversity Alliance/Harvard University Administrative Fellowship – 2 years

Approximate Date of Posting: March 30, 2017

Position: Fellow for Immigration and Migration Studies

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Company/Organization   Harvard University

The 2017-2019 residency in partnership with the ACRL Diversity Alliance and Harvard’s Administrative Fellowship Program (AFP) seeks applicants with a Master’s degree from an ALA-accredited library school or equivalent accredited graduate degree and backgrounds in global studies, social science or archives.

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time

Time Frame:  July 3, 2017 – June 30, 2019.

Compensation Salaried Position

Source: ACRL-RIG


The Harvard College Library is seeking a Fellow for Immigration and Migration Studies. This residency, in partnership with the ACRL Diversity Alliance and Harvard’s Administrative Fellowship Program, strives to attract talented early career librarians, and in particular, members of historically underrepresented groups, to provide meaningful professional working experience and cultivate the professional goals and interests of the fellow.  Additionally, through the Administrative Fellows Program, currently in its 26th year of operation, offer fellows the opportunity to work in an academic environment complemented by a career development program.


Immigration, migration   and the effects of diaspora experience are among the most pressing global issues of our era, encompassing water and food rights, global warming, public health, civil war, minority rights, nationalism and extremism, and a host of other critical problems. At Harvard, many schools and centers have developed or are developing programs to study and produce positive impacts on the constituent problems of immigration and migration and students are creating groups to address these issues. The Library supports all of these efforts with a rich array of information resources and services but, like the programs and groups we serve, our approach is scattered across the University and responds to the specific issues privileged by each research program or curricular need. In order to bring coherence to our work and to create a fuller understanding of both its successes and its unfulfilled promise, and to expand our impact across Harvard, the Harvard College Library will provide a Fellow the opportunity to work in the Collection Development Department focusing on immigration and migration studies.

The Fellow:

In the first year of the assignment, the Fellow will gain an understanding of Harvard’s programs and the Library’s corresponding collections and services in all areas. The Fellow will also provide collection development and outreach in an area suitable to his or her academic background and interests. These activities will provide the Fellow with an exceptional opportunity to experience how researchers in different disciplines approach and study global problems from a distinct disciplinary perspective and how a research library brings a wealth of resources and services to bear in support of its parent institution’s work. Additionally, the fellow will participate in the Administrative Fellowship Program to enhance their leadership and administrative skills through seminars, lectures and case studies.

During the second year he/she will map the Library’s collections and programs in support of immigration and migration studies across the University, with an emphasis on uncovering unexpected affinities and potential synergies that cross Harvard’s programmatic and school boundaries. The Fellow will identify gaps, needed connections, and other improvements that will promote communication across the Library and collective action.  The Fellow, with assistance from their supervisor, would culminate year two by producing an article for publication on this project.

Applicants must have:

  • Master’s degree in library/information science and/or a graduate degree in a global studies discipline or in a social science
  • Up to three years of work experience
  • Reading knowledge of a foreign language
  • Demonstrated interest in some aspect of immigration, migration, diaspora or minority studies
  • Commitment to serving faculty and students in a variety of research, educational and cocurricular settings
  • Excellent oral and communication skills

Additional experience and skills include:

  • Pre- or paraprofessional experience in an academic library
  • Speaking knowledge of a foreign language

If you have additional questions, please contact: Lori Cawthorne, Senior Human Resources Consultant @ lori_cawthorne@harvard.edu

Send Applications to:

harvardlibraryhr@harvard.edu   or

Harvard Library

Human Resource Services

124 Mount Auburn Street, Suite 445

Cambridge, MA 02138

 Deadline: May 5, 2017.


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