Library Science/Archivist Intern

Approximate Date of Posting: April 22, 2017

Position: Library Science/Archivist Intern

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Company/Organization  San Antonio Water System

Looking for a rewarding opportunity to get “hands-on” experience learning about the colorful history of water and wastewater in San Antonio? The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is offering a unique opportunity where you will experience just that!

The SAWS Internship Program offers an educational/work experience that will provide a base of knowledge that you can build on throughout your life.

Schedule/Hours: Work week will not exceed 29 hours. 

Time Frame:  Interns may work around their class schedules committing at least several four to six hour blocks of time per week and should be able to work business hours 8:00-5:00.

Compensation $14.00

Source: Indeed


  • Intern should expect to focus on a special project to establish a formal archive repository for the San Antonio Water/Wastewater History Collection. This will be comprised of historical and rare documents associated with SAWS and its predecessor agencies. The objective is to create a working archive in which digital reproductions can be made available for conducting historical research while the originals are preserved according to archival standards. Some work will be conducted semi-independently, with input and oversight from SAWS staff that have previously assembled informal archives of historical and rare documents.
  • Efforts are varied and will include:
    • Assists in identifying and classifying historical documents that should be protected and conserved. Intern will interact directly with staff in various SAWS departments to identify documents that should be housed in the Collection.
    • Assesses available resources and assists with developing a floor plan to house the Collection.
    • Develops cost and budget estimates for required cabinetry, equipment, and archival materials.
    • Conducts research and makes recommendations regarding appropriate conservation and handling methods and procedures for document storage and preservation, to include development of access protocols.
    • Catalogs Collection and assists in managing information and records.
    • Prioritizes and conducts digitization tasks.
    • Makes database entries for items admitted to the Collection. A searchable database that will link to digital reproductions will be developed. Intern will assist with developing filename nomenclature, enabling keyword search capability, and recommending content for various summary reports.

Qualifications :

  • Some college credit preferred as well as prior work experience preferred.
  • Computer skills necessary including ability to work with programs such as MS Excel, Word, and Access, and ability to learn new computer programs quickly.
  • Excellent communication skills necessary as individual will be assisting in coordinating a cross-departmental assessment of existing historical documents.
  • Intern should demonstrate a special interest in library sciences, archival methods and procedures.

Applicants who have one or more of the special skills or experience listed below should outline these on their resume:

  • Experience in the preservation of documents and records.
  • Experience in organizing and classifying archival records.
  • Experience in cataloging collections and managing information and records.
  • Experience protecting and conserving collections.


Deadline: Sun. 05/07/17


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