Fall 2017 Internships at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Approximate Date of Posting: May 5, 2017

Position: All museum departments, including (but not limited to): Curatorial, Development, Education, Exhibition Management, Marketing, Media & Public Relations, and Publishing & Digital Media. Internships are also available with Guggenheim special projects and initiatives such as the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project, the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative, and the Panza Collection Initiative.

Location: New York

Company/Organization Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum offers internships to students of junior-year college level or above, recent graduates, graduate students, postgraduates, and mature professionals pursuing further experience in the arts. Internships are available within a host of different museum departments.

Schedule/Hours: Spring and fall internships require a commitment of at least two days per week (in addition to participation in the Museum Culture Seminar Program),

Time Frame:  September–December (3- month committmemt)

Compensation $500 stipends to all undergraduate-level students and $1,000 stipends to all graduate-level students

Source: SLA Museum, Arts & Humanities Open Community

Description: The objective of the Internship  Program  is to offer practical museum  training experience toindividuals interested in pursuing careers  in the arts and museum  fields. Interns gain a broad understanding of how a particular department functions within the context  of a majormuseum, as well as specific skills related  to that department’s activities. Interns are assigned to a department based on academic background, professional skills, interests,  and careergoals.  Interns participate in the ongoing work of Museum departments and contribute tospecific projects or portions of larger departmental initiatives. For a full list of departmentsthat offer internships,  please see: www.guggenheim.org/internships.

Museum Culture Seminar Program

The  Museum  Culture  Seminar  Program  forms an integral  part of our Internship  Program.The  program includes site visits to other  New York arts and cultural institutions

such auction  houses, galleries, corporate collections, and other  museums.  Discussion with a wide array of arts and museum  professionals,  including Guggenheim staff, is facilitated. A

fieldtrip outside  of New York City is planned  for the end of each internship period.

How to Apply

Prospective applicants please send cover letter,  resume,  Guggenheim application  form(found  on web site), list of relevant  coursework, academic writing sample, and two

letters of recommendation via postal mail to:

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Internship  Program, 1071 Fifth Avenue,  New York,

NY 10128-0173.

Qualifications: Candidates must be of junior-year college  level or above to be considered.

Website: https://www.guggenheim.org/internships/internship-departments


Deadline: June 1, 2017

Internship Periods

Our yearly internship calendar is divided into three cycles: spring, summer, and fall. Each internship cycle is approximately three months in duration.

Spring: January–April (application deadline: November 1)
Summer: June–August (application deadline: January 30)
Fall: September–December (application deadline: June 1)

Spring and fall internships require a commitment of at least two days per week (in addition to participation in the Museum Culture Seminar Program), with the required minimum number of hours depending on the preference of the department. Summer internships are full-time, either four or five days per week, in addition to participation in the Museum Culture Seminar program. All internships require a commitment of three months.

International candidates are welcome and encouraged to apply. The Guggenheim Museum Internship Program is designated by the U.S. Government as a J-1 training program, and the museum will work with accepted applicants to assist them in procuring the necessary forms for a maximum three-month non-extendable and non-transferable J-1 visa. For more information on J-1 visas, please visit the U.S. Government website. All international applicants must demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English.


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