Library Scientist Intern

Approximate date of posting 5/22/2017

 Position: Library Scientist Intern

Location: Plano, Texas

Company/Organization  Research Now

Research Now is the world’s leading digital data collection company.

Schedule/Hours at least 24 hours a week.

Time Frame Unspecified

Compensation: Unspecified

Source Link UP


e’re a research company looking for ways to better classify our users and understand their behavior. Spend your summer creating a classification system for millions of respondents from 40+ countries. Identify classes of users and develop, test, and put in place a corpus of questions or tests for automatically sorting users into your classifications. Help us understand what constitutes “good vs. bad” behavior within our system and develop methods to counteract questionable activity. Come learn how leading research organizations around the world think about data collection from online surveys. Blow our socks off? This could develop into a permanent role re-evaluating, rebuilding and curating our existing taxonomy of thousands of user attributes.

MS Library Sciences current student or recent graduate

Basic understanding of data schema and organization

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong logical and conceptual thought processes

Excellent attention to detail



Deadline: Unspecified


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