Fall 2017 Archive Fellow, NY

Approximate Date of Posting: 7/8/2017

Position: Archive Fellow

Location: New York, NY

Company/Organization  Triple Canopy

Since the debut of its online magazine in 2008, Triple Canopy has presented the work of more than 850 visual and performing artists, writers, and scholars. Triple Canopy has addressed the conditions of life in the digital age by examining and mindfully employing digital media as well as by developing publishing systems that intelligently incorporate networked forms of production and circulation. At the same time, the magazine has mined the history of new-media publications and reflected on the inevitable obsolescence of all such endeavors—no matter how they manage media so as to keep up with evolving Web standards and the proliferation of reading and viewing devices. Triple Canopy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Triple Canopy is a member of Common Practice New York and has been certified by W.A.G.E.


Schedule/Hours: P/T 15 hrs per week

Time Frame:  Starting September 5, 2017 – Dec 2017

Compensation Stipend: $2,000

Source: Archives Gig https://archivesgig.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/new-york-ny-archive-fellow-fall-2017-triple-canopy/

Description: Triple Canopy, a magazine whose work encompasses digital works of art and literature, public programs, books, and exhibitions, seeks an Archive Fellow for the fall 2017 semester. The Fellow will work closely with Triple Canopy’s editorial director and production associate. This fifteen-hour-per-week position is based out of Triple Canopy’s office and venue at 264 Canal Street.

In 2015, the Fales Library’s acquired of Triple Canopy’s archive to preserve the history and legacy of the magazine and all future projects and publications, as documented through its extensive collection of drafts of prose, poetry, and artworks; print publications and editions; videos of discussions and performances; website analytics; correspondence; and (mostly digital) reams of administrative and financial records that evidence the work of sustaining an ambitious and unconventional endeavor. Fales Library will make the archive available for research and exhibition, and will collaborate with Triple Canopy to develop open-source tools and improved standards for archiving the work of organizations whose activities range from digital artworks to books to emails to exhibitions.

An ideal candidate for the Archive Fellow position will have an interest in the peculiar challenges of archiving an innovative arts magazine, whose work is concerned with the development of new publishing tools and platforms. Responsibilities will include: media preservation of digital art and literary projects produced by the magazine, which often include images, videos, custom code; assisting in collection management; as well as asking larger, conceptual questions alongside Triple Canopy editors, such as, How might we capture not merely the contents of an online project but the experience of engaging with it, all the while upholding the relationship between the website and our “offline” endeavors? How do we share the best practices that we’ve developed with other small-scale and independent publishers?

Historically, organizations and individuals have donated their records to (or had them acquired by) archives after decades of work, and often after their operations have ceased or their lives have ended. The partnership between Triple Canopy and Fales Library is a recognition that, in a digital environment, retroactive archiving risks an unacceptable (and ultimately insurmountable) loss of information; and archiving in general requires expensive equipment, technical expertise, and an abundance of time, none of which are likely to be available to small organizations and individuals.

How to Apply: Email coverletter and CV, with “Archive Fellowship” in the subject line, to Molly Kleiman, Editorial Director, molly@canopycanopycanopy.com

Website: www.canopycanopycanopy.com

POC Molly Kleiman, Editorial Director, molly@canopycanopycanopy.com

Deadline: July 25, 2017


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