Fall 2017 Knowledge Management – Internship-CA

Approximate Date of Posting: 7/12/2017

Position: Safety Research Knowledge Management

Location: San Francisco

Company/Organization  UBER

Uber is a technology company that is changing the way the world thinks about transportation. We are building technology people use everyday. Whether it’s heading home from work, getting a meal delivered from a favorite restaurant, or a way to earn extra income, Uber is becoming part of the fabric of daily life. We’re making cities safer, smarter, and more connected. And we’re doing it at a global scale-energizing local economies and bringing opportunity to millions of people around the world. Uber’s positive impact is tangible in the communities we operate in, and that drives us to keep moving forward. This is an opportunity to play an important role in helping Uber to continue evolving the safety and insurance products and marketing we provide to riders and drivers on a global basis. The Safety & Insurance team is responsible for developing products, policies, and programs to promote a safe experience with Uber. We are seeking an intern to join us this Fall 2017.

Schedule/Hours: Full-Time

Time Frame:  Unspecified

Compensation Competitive hourly pay.

  • Catered meals and unlimited snacks.
  • Monthly housing stipend, reimbursement for cell phone bill and credits for Uber rides.

Source: Indeed https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=23ac3ff36d749a94&q=Library+Science+Summer+Internship&tk=1bko83coq2td7cim&from=ja&alid=5746e0c2e4b00f6d0c49474c&utm_source=jobseeker_emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=job_alerts&rgtk=1bko83coq2td7cim


As a research intern on the Safety & Insurance team, you will be responsible for

developing a strategy for the effective management of and access to research knowledge across the Safety & Insurance team. Currently, there are 4 broad types of research knowledge generated: foundational, user, market, and data science. Your efforts will be twofold:

  1. Build a library.  Work with members of the teams generating research findings as well as our internal information consumers worldwide to identify a meaningful way to classify and organize research findings.  You will gather existing research documents and build the repository to digitally store this information according to the classification system.  You will also document the system/library to facilitate ease of future contributions to the library.
  2. Develop and market an access point.  Information is only useful if it can be found.  Once you have established the library back end, you will identify the most effective means for providing access to relevant stakeholders.  This will include a page on our internal website providing information on how/where to access the library.

You’ll work alongside our researchers, data scientists, product managers, operation specialists, claim specialists, lawyers, and marketing managers to ensure we are delivering high quality and relevant information in a manner that is accessible and useful.

Success will be measured by the impact you will have on the overall team by effectively organizing and providing access to the Safety & Insurance team’s research knowledge globally. Toward this goal, you are expected to launch and demo your work through a presentation to the Safety and Insurance Organization.

What you’ll need

  • Advanced standing in an undergraduate or enrollment in a graduate program in a relevant field such as library science, knowledge management, etc.  Significant experience in this area along with enrollment in a less related academic program is also acceptable.
  • Ability to work in a demanding and quick moving environment, and meet tight deadlines.
  • To be detail-oriented and able to work on your projects with limited supervision.
  • Excellent communication skills as you will be communicating with stakeholders across the company.

Website: https://careers-uber.icims.com/jobs/32425/job?iis=job-V002A-uni&iisn=Indeed&rx_campaign=indeed0&rx_group=101535&rx_job=32425&rx_source=Indeed&mobile=false&width=874&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240

Deadline: Unspecified


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