2018 Summer Records Management-NC

Approximate date of posting May 11, 2018

 Position: Records & Information Management Intern


Currently pursuing a graduate degree in Library or Information Science or other Information Management field of study.

Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Company/Organization  American Board of Pediatrics

Under the supervision of the Director of Records & Information Management (RIM), the RIM Intern will help the Director of RIM advance the RIM program at the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).  The intern will assist with the development of strategies to further the RIM Department’s progress towards an increasingly digital environment.  Additionally, she/he will assist the RIM Director and staff with the development, implementation, and administration of the ABP’s Document Management/Records Management systems.  The intern will also help organize, research, and digitize the paper records collection for the ABP, as well as implement methods to secure and preserve paper records that must be maintained in paper format.

  • Assist the Director of RIM with research into the ABP’s current and past practices of managing records and information and apply that research to the continuing development of the ABP’s RIM program, especially progress towards a primarily digital environment
  • Under the guidance of the RIM Director, undertake various projects to optimize the lifecycle management of the ABP’s records and information
  • Work with the RIM Director and IT/RIM staff on the planning, development, and implementation of a Document Management/Records Management System
  • Assist in analysis of the existing records and information environment at the ABP to determine records collections needing digitization or other preservation attention
  • Assist with the digitization of paper records and upload/index content into the ABP’s Document Management System
  • Through quality control measures, verify metadata for existing electronic records
  • Assist with the preparation for storage of the ABP’s vital records and other records with extensive or permanent retention
  • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a team
  • Strong organizational skills, including ability to prioritize projects and assignments
  • Ability to work with highly confidential information
  • Demonstrate strong analytical capability and attention to detail
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds

Schedule/Hours  37.5 hours/week.

Time Frame June 2018 – mid-August 2018. 

Compensation: $15-18 per hour depending on qualifications

Source https://lists.unc.edu/read/messages?id=8747570



The intern will be assigned to the ABP workforce project which includes the current longitudinal survey platform.  The following list describes in some detail the type of work that may be assigned to this individual over time.

  1. Perform a literature review of the workforce (pediatrics and pediatric focused mid-level providers) using the literature review from the University of Michigan as a starting point.
  2. Draft a list of other organization’s surveys about the pediatric physician workforce. The list would note survey content, sample, schedule of delivery/analysis/results, and separately would include sample surveys where possible.
  3. Similarly, look at other organizations’ data on the pediatric workforce such as trend data, tracking data of trainees, certification data, etc. Focus will extend to mid-level providers associated with pediatric care.
  4. In addition to categorizing other organization’s data, collect sample websites that display workforce data to help inform how the ABP may structure their workforce webpages and online analytic platform.
  5. Recheck survey tracking tables from CHEAR they are going to develop. As needed, mock-up tables for the ABP’s current surveys (recently edited in 2017) to be published on the website.
  6. Make a revised survey workbook (binder of tables, surveys, Roles and Responsibilities, Modules, etc.)
  7. Help develop state-by-state legislative webpages related to the pediatric physician workforce. This is a project that will be co-developed with the AAP to help their legislative teams.
  8. Where possible, assist the ABP in preparing data for the upcoming workforce webpages and online analytic platform.
  9. Depending on skill level and expertise, assist the ABP in considering how its workforce data might inform work conducted at the UNC Chapel Hill’s Sheps Center and by HRSA.
  10. Assist in workforce planning for pediatrics through attendance at meetings where scheduling permits including the ABP Foundation’s Board of Directors strategic planning discussions, the ABP’s Research Advisory Committee, and the ABP’s virtual workforce advisory group (to be established this year; members include representatives from groups such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs, the Council of Pediatric Subspecialities, the American Association of Pediatric Program Directors).

How to Apply Anyone interested can send their resume and cover letter to me.  My email addressbwise@abpeds.org.


Brett Wise CRM, FIP, CIPT, CIPP/US, IGP, CIP | American Board of Pediatrics

Director of Records & Information Management

111 Silver Cedar Court

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 929-0461



Deadline: Unspecified


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