2018 Fall Archives Internship-MO

Approximate date of posting May 23, 2018

 Eligibility: The ideal candidate will be a graduate or undergraduate student majoring in library science, history, American studies, or a similar field.

Position: Archives Processing Intern

Location: St. Louis Missouri

Company/Organization  Missouri Historical Society  http://mohistory.org/library/

Schedule/Hours   A minimum of 62 hours is required for the internship. The desired intern will have a flexible schedule with the ability to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. The final schedule will be determined with the supervisor.

Time Frame  Fall 2018

Compensation: paid

Source Indeed

Description:  The intern will be responsible for processing a new collection of papers regarding the Fruin-Colnon Construction Company. The intern will determine how to arrange the collection, create an inventory, and complete other duties as assigned. The intern will receive basic archival training and be supervised by the archivist.

Website: https://mohistoricalintern.aaimtrack.com/jobs/239581.html

POC: For questions, please contact Vicki Kaffenberger at vak@mohistory.org or Tamaki A. Harvey Stratman at tamaki@mohistory.org.

Deadline: Unspecified


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