2018 Fall Internships @ the Library of Congress

Approximate date of posting June 15, 2018

Position: (3) Research Librarian, Research Assistant, Dewey Librarian, &

*Some Spanish and/or Portuguese Language proficiency depending on position

  • Eligibility completion of freshman year of college before the internship begins
  • minimum 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • enrollment in a degree-seeking program (e.g. BA/BS, Masters, JD, MD, or Ph.D.) at an accredited higher education institution. Students pursuing only a credential or certificate program will be considered ineligible.

ATTENTION RECENT GRADUATES: You can apply to our program if you participate within 12 months of your graduationauthorization or eligibility to work in the United States by law (HACU participates in E-verify)

Location: Library of Congress &

Company/Organization  Hispanic Association of Colleges & University

Schedule/Hours  Full-Time

Time Frame August 23-Dec 7, 2018

Compensation: Undergraduate: $550 Graduate: $620  0

Airfare is COVERED and housing can be arranged!

Source: http://mlis.umd.edu/


  1. 1POSITION TITLE: Research Librarian The HACU intern would be attached to the Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Division (FDT) of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), and would serve as a member of the Research and Library Services Section, reporting to the section head. The HACU would perform the following duties: Provide research support for FDT analysts as necessary, depending on the issues requiring attention. Perform customized and authoritative information research analysis. Analyze and solve moderately/ highly complex research problems within an assigned policy research area in response to existing or anticipated requests for information. Identify, compile, organize and synthesize current and authoritative data, statistics, and information for congressional clients and CRS staff. Prepare moderately/ highly complex responses to inquiries which may be conveyed through written or oral reports. In addition, and prepare written products that present and organize authoritative information in a concise and coherent manner with regard to the needs of the client and suited to the delivery vehicles utilized by CRS. Required Qualifications:
  2. POSITION TITLE: Dewey Librarian: The incumbent will be trained to assign Dewey decimal classification to historical works that have been selected for addition to the Handbook of Latin American Studies. The majority of these works are in Spanish or Portuguese. The incumbent will be trained to use the WebDewey interface to build standard Dewey numbers and will work in the cataloging module of the Voyager ILS to update bibliographic records. The incumbent will add Dewey numbers to the bibliographic records for selected Handbook of Latin American Studies titles. The Handbook is of great importance to Latin American studies. These works are selected by specialists in the various subject areas covered by the Handbook. Dewey decimal classification is widely used in Latin America to provide subject access to library materials; providing subject access to these titles provides a great benefit to the Spanish-speaking scholarly and library communities. Furthermore, these bibliographic records are distributed to OCLC and other bibliographic utilities for use by the broader library community. Required Qualifications: The incumbent should have an interest in knowledge organization and read Spanish and/or Portuguese with proficiency.
  3. POSITION TITLE: Intern/ Research Assistant The intern, under supervision of the Law Classification Specialist, will conduct research on Indigenous Peoples constitution/government, in particular on tribes and communities in South America. The research data is in support of both the forthcoming Classification schedules KIQ-KIX (Regions and countries of South America), and to the Indigenous Law Portal (ILP), http://www.loc.gov/law/help/indigenous-law-guide/americas/ a component of the Law Library’s Guided to Law Online. Both tools, designed for information retrieval of Indigenous Law in the Western Hemisphere is currently under development (Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru) and will be eventually completed with the addition of information relating to Indigenous people’s law and knowledge systems in South American regions and/or countries. Desired Outcomes and Deliverables: Compile information on Indigenous jurisdictions/communities and organizations and, as far as publically available, e.g., from their websites or on the Web, (customary) laws and other information relating to South American Indigenous peoples; Search for, retrieve, evaluate, and record URLs of tribal and/or organizational websites; Identify authoritative sources and web sites for specific links to legal documents and other relevant information on existing tribes ; Verify new names or names established in the Library’s name authority file, compare them to names as they appeared on tribal web sites, and Assemble the research results on very detailed spreadsheets which are prepared for the Portal and once for the Law classification. Required Qualifications: All research has to be conducted almost exclusively with authoritative sources in Spanish or Portuguese languages. Structure or presence of the indigenous governments and indigenous organizations have to be discerned. Thus, the Intern should be familiar or interested in Indigenous peoples and non-Western legal or social systems. Researcher should be familiar with ethnographic/ anthropological works, and comfortable with use of maps, political documents from indigenous advocacy groups, or use of the national censuses to corroborate the data as much as possible. Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word), Excel (spread sheets), and Outlook is required, as well as Facility in use of the LC OPAC. Knowledge of searching in LC ClassWeb is desirable. However, basic searching can be taught on site.

Website: http://mlis.umd.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Fall-2018-LOC-Announcement.pdf

How to Apply: All applicants must complete our application online at http://www.hacu.net/hnip. This will require your official transcripts and a letter of recommendation. Information about the requirements for the application are on our website as well.

POC: If you are interested in this position, please email: your resume, transcript and details of your experience that is relevant to the positions needs, to Noel Guerrero at noel.guerrero@hacu.net. Feel free to give him a call should you have any questions at (202) 261-2083 ext. 2103

Deadline: Extended June 27, 2018


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