2018 Fall Library & Archives Internship-D.C

Approximate Date of Posting August 1, 2018 (Re-advertised August 21, 2018)

Position: Library & Archives

Eligibility: must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program; graduate-level coursework in Library Science or Audiovisual Preservation is preferred.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Company/Organization Smithsonian Channel

 Schedule/Hours at least 15 hours/week

Time Frame  Fall

Compensation: Paid (D.C. minimum wage)




Smithsonian Channel’s Library & Archives is seeking a fall intern. The intern will have the opportunity to engage with all aspects of a production-based archives, including hands-on experience with born digital video and cataloging in a Collective Access database based on PBCore.

Intern will gain experience with various task of a production-based media library & archives, including cataloging, processing digital media files, and conducting research for original productions and special projects. Intern will work closely with Library & Archives staff and obtain hands-on experience with numerous digital media formats and an in-house database.

Major projects may include:

  • cataloging
  • Processing (arrangement and description) of camera original digital video files
  • Organization of supporting documents
  • Footage or factual research for in-house production

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Catalog raw footage, edited programs, and/or other media assets in a Collective Access database using a PBCore-derived metadata schema
  • arrange and describe camera original digital video files, following Smithsonian Channel’s processing guidelines and policies
  • Organize supporting documents (mostly PDF and Microsoft Office files) for broadcast programs according to office policies.
  • Conduct Archival footage research and/or factual research for in-house productions using in-house and external databases
  • Assist in updating department documents, such as the Cataloging Guide and Processing Guide, as needed
  • Attend weekly department meeting, as schedule allows.

POC: Contact Karma Foley, Director of Library & Archives with any questions (karma.foley@smithsonianchannel.com).

How to Apply: https://cbscorporation.jobs/washington-dc/2018-fall-internship-library-archives-dc/341931AEA4F041019F094BF3B585C5D1/job/

Deadline: Unspecified


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