Late Spring 2019 & Summer Heritage & Preservation Palace Tours

Approximate date of posting August 5, 2018


An emergent professional, paid or voluntary, already working in a heritage related field or environment


A postgraduate or final year undergraduate student of a heritage related subject like museum studies, historic preservation, buildings conservation, history, architectural history, archives and information studies, design history, cultural tourism, archaeology. public history, art history or arts and cultural administration

We welcome English speaking applicants from all over the world.

We prefer applicants who have already undertaken some form of practical experience in a heritage setting such as a placement, an internship or a period of volunteering

Location: England & Scotland

Company/Organization   The Open Palace Programme has been developed by a group of significant heritage and education organisations in the UK committed to providing a first class, first hand experience of palaces and treasures houses across the UK for international students and emergent professionals in the heritage field.

Time Frame

  1. English Programme 1: Sunday 30th June 2019 to Wednesday 17th July 2019
  2. English Programme 2: Sunday 14th July 2019 to Wednesday 31st July 2019

  1. Scotland Sunday 28th April 2019 to Friday 17th May 2019

Compensation: NA

Source: SAA

Description: The Open Palace Programmes offer an English and a Scottish programme which invite you to:

Step behind the scenes at some of the most significant palaces and mansions in the UK

Learn from their top heritage professionals how to conserve, present and interpret sites,archives and collections

Take part in hands on activities tackling real challenges alongside the experts

Immerse yourself in history where it happened

Handle fascinating historical artefacts and records

Gain invaluable experience and contacts for your resume

Benefit from bespoke careers advice

Visit and stay in some of the most delightful historic parts of England or Scotland

These experiences provide a richness and diversity with which few individual placements or internships can compare.


How to Apply:

Deadline: 20 openings.


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