2018 Fall Law Librarianship Internship-D.C

Approximate date of posting  August 8, 2018

Position: Law Librarianship Internship  Library school students do not have to have a law degree to be competitive for a placement with the Law Library. Holders of JD degrees are not required to be admitted to any bar.

Eligibility The Law Library of Congress welcomes applications for internships from graduate students in library science or law-related professions and disciplines.

Location: Most internships are site at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, but some may occur off-site.

Company/Organization  Library of Congress The Law Library of Congress serves the Congress by providing it with authoritative and authentic information and analysis on all legal systems of the world. It contains the world’s largest collection of law books and legal resources from all countries. The Law Library presents a unique combination of collections, comprehensiveness, and staff expertise. Over 140 languages are represented in our collections of approximately 3 million items.

Schedule/Hours  Unspecified

Time Frame may last anywhere from one month to a year in duration

Compensation: Internships are unpaid, but may be undertaken for academic credit

Source: http://cuaslis.org/wp/law-librarianship-internship-law-library-of-congress-washington-dc/

  • How to Apply: A cover letter indicating the kind(s) of work experiences that the applicant is seeking and the expected duration and location of the internship(s).
  • A résumé which lists relevant courses taken/anticipated at all academic levels and applicable work experience (paid or volunteer).
  • A writing sample on a law or law-related topic.
  • Foreign language skills and level of proficiency.
  • The names and contact information for three references (references will NOT be contacted without first informing the applicant).
  • Country of citizenship and immigration status, if applicable, in the United States.
  • Applications for internships are accepted throughout the year and should be sent electronically.
  • POC: For inquiries please contact Donna Sokol at dsokol@loc.gov

Deadline: August 31, 2018 for fall semester


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