2018 Internship public record database exractor-MD

Approximate date of posting August 6, 2018

Position: Internship public record database extractor

Eligibility Unspecified

Location: Annapolis, Maryland You’d work from eMerges’ 1870 English basement office one block from the state capital in Annapolis. There is the possibility of some remote work after you settle in

Company/Organization  eMerges.com  eMerges is a very small public record database compiler but with big clients such as Thomson Reuters West, Acxiom, and Lexis Nexis.

Schedule/Hours   60 hours per month on average- Work hours are actually flexible

Time Frame You could develop this into a full time opportunity depending on your contribution and career interest.

Compensation: As an independent contractor your rate is negotiable but depending on experience can range up to $50 per hour.

Source: http://mlis.umd.edu/etl-capable-paid-student-internship-for-emerges-com-annapolis-md/

Description:. Extract, transform and load various public records such as 60 million registered voters, hunter licenses, pilot licenses, watercraft registrations from their native various formats and layouts to eMerges standard conventional fixed field, ASCI text format. eMerges is a very small public record database compiler but with big clients such as Thomson Reuters West, Acxiom, and Lexis Nexis. This is a basic database learning experience where you will see all the nuance and quirkiness and the most fundamental level of big data.

You will be using Javelin’s Clover ETL source to target transformation graphs and responsible for generating standard output while updating graphs when required due to changes in the source formats and layouts. The source data is usually delimited or fixed field text.

Your first hours will be spent in a remote class with an ETL Clover Consultant and former Javelin employee. Then you’ll work autonomously here on real projects that are an integral part of eMerges success. Precision and accuracy and the ability to check ones work are critical components of your success.

Additional PostGreSQL Full Stack project available for an advanced student to foster the requirements and creation of an online database of one billion records.

Website: https://www.emerges.com/

How to Apply: call and/or email your resume to Shawn@emerges.com

Deadline: Unspecified


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