I’m a teacher…. I was a Media Specialist, I am a student, I’m going to be… well, that remains to be seen.  As you can tell, I’m drafting a new chapter in my life.  I am in the process of preparing myself for a career as an Information Professional.  What brought me to this crossroad would be a chapter better suited for the “Unfortunate Events” series of chapter books. What matters most though, is that these series of events have altered the trajectory of my career on to a different path, thanks in part to my late-in-life discovery of internships. If there is one thing that I like to enthusiastically talk about and share,  is  the internships that I have applied for and those that I have been fortunate to complete.  This is my platform to try to consolidate the multitude of opportunities that are out there so that you too can  gain real-life experience, develop your skill-set, and become gainfully employed or transition to a different or entirely new career  in the field of Information and/or Library Science.