2019-2020 Archival Collections Assistant-IA

Approximate date of posting September 19, 2019

Position: Archival Collections Assistant

Eligibility Masters degree or intended graduation from a Library and Information Science or Archives program, though undergraduates and candidates with a degree in History or a related field may be considered;

Location: Elk Horn, Iowa

Company/Institution/Organization Museum of Danish America Established in 1983, the Museum of Danish America (formerly known as The Danish Immigrant Museum) is located midway between Des Moines, IA and Omaha, NE on 35 acres of recreated prairie in the heart of the largest rural settlement of Danes in the United States. The museum’s mission is to celebrate Danish roots and American dreams and is the only accredited national museum dedicated to collecting and interpreting the Danish-American experience. Guidance is provided by a twenty-five member Board of Directors from across the United States and Denmark. The museum has a collection of over 30,000 artifacts, an active traveling exhibit program, and a membership of over 3,000 from across the United States, Denmark and seven other countries.It has a staff of eleven full-time employees, six part-time employees and an active internship program hosting up to four Danish graduate students and an American graduate student annually.

 Schedule/Hours  40 hours per week

Time Frame: five months- Start Date:   November, 2019 (can be flexible)

 Compensation:   $500 monthly stipend-  Rent-free, fully-furnished house (includes all utilities)

Source  SAA https://careers.archivists.org/jobs/ja/12822282/&utm_source=BTI_JOB_ALERT&utm_medium=email


The Museum of Danish America in Elk Horn, Iowa is the only national museum that tells the story of Danish immigration to the United States, the influence of Denmark on American culture today, and contemporary Danish America. Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, the Museum is in the final stages of a full inventory and cataloging project which began in 2006. Once the inventory is finished, all known information about the entire collection will be electronically accessible through PastPerfect 5.0 both in-house and via the Museum’s website using PastPerfect Online. 

Position Description:

The primary function of the Archival Collections Assistant will be to catalog new archival donations that have not yet been added to the PastPerfect database. This position will provide wonderful hands-on experience for a MLIS student or recent graduate. All interns are also involved in Collections Review Committee and Exhibitions Committee meetings, outreach activities (on and off site), and in behind-the-scenes tours to other museums for professional development and networking opportunities. Both American and Danish students participate in the Museum’s internship program, and enjoy free shared housing in Elk Horn.

Apply Send letter of interest and resume via email

Website: https://www.danishmuseum.org/

POC: Archival Collections Manager:  Cheyenne Jansdatter,cjansdatter@danishmuseum.org

Deadline: Must be received by midnight October 18, 2019. Selection will made by November 1, 2019.


2019-2020 Archives Intern, NY

Approximate date of posting September 20, 2019

Position: Information Resources

Eligibility Must be currently enrolled at a college or university at the graduate level pursuing a degree in library science, archival studies or records management

Location: New York, New York

Company/Institution/Organization Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (LCPA),

 Schedule/Hours  commit to 16 hours per week (2 days per week full time) for ten to twelve weeks

Time Frame: ten to twelve weeks

Compensation: $15 an hour

Source  Indeed

The Information Resources department at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts administers the LCPA Archives and the organization’s Records Management Program.  LCPA Archives serves as the institution’s archive of vital records and treasure trove of invaluable historical documentation as well as routine business matters and operations dating back to its founding in the 1950s.  The Records Management Program provides guidelines and best practices for managing information to LCPA staff. 

The Information Resources department is seeking interns for opportunities in both program areas.

Under the supervision of the Director of Archives and Records Management, the LCPA Archives Intern will:
• Inventory collections identified as archival
• Identify the arrangement of records
• Prepare preliminary series-level descriptions
• Draft processing plans for series
• Take preservation measures where necessary to protect the collections

Apply https://workforcenow.adp.com/mascsr/default/mdf/recruitment/recruitment.html?cid=7421b050-ddd7-4ade-98d4-ab789c0e7a2f&ccId=19000101_000001&jobId=336954&source=IN


2019 Congressional Research Service Graduate Recruit Program

Approximate date of posting 09/11/2019 to 10/09/2019

Position: Reference and Digital Services Librarian

Eligibility Graduate students – Current enrollment in or anticipated graduation from an appropriate, accredited advanced degree program


Company/Institution/Organization Library of Congress-Congressional Research Services- CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. As shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress, CRS experts assist at every stage of the legislative process—from the early considerations that precede bill drafting, through committee hearings and floor debate, to the oversight of enacted laws and various agency activities.

CRS is well known for analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan. Its highest priority is to ensure that Congress has immediate access to the nation’s best thinking on public policy issues of interest to its Members and Committees.


 Schedule/Hours  Full-time,

Time Frame: Temporary with the expectation of subsequent conversion to permanentInitial appointments under the Graduate Recruit Program will be made for a period up to 120 days. Initial appointments are expected to convert to permanent, contingent upon participants’ performance and completion of all degree requirements, and availability of funding. Those students who return to school to complete their advanced degree program may be eligible for a permanent position once they obtain their degree.

Compensation: GS 09 $57,510 to $74,759 per year



  • Performs reference and instructional services, and will maintain and develop web-based information tools and services.
  • Contributes to the development or enhancement of information tools to support CRS’s research activities. Identifies project-related issues or problems, helps gather requirements for tools and systems to address these needs, and liaises with information technology specialists regarding incorporation of these requirements into new or enhanced information systems.
  • Participates in digital content and data projects. Assists with ongoing assessment of CRS’s information services through data gathering and analysis, and exploratory research on standard storage and access options and preservation strategies. Participates in research and evaluation, and in the planning, design, development, testing, and implementation of new digital services.
  • Keeps abreast of developments affecting knowledge management, metadata, and information retrieval.
  • Ability to provide reference and research services
  • The ability to provide reference and research services by conducting reference interviews; evaluating clients’ requirements and developing search strategies; identifying and evaluating authoritative data, statistics, and information; evaluating publications and electronic resources for content coverage and trends; and monitoring current events.
  • Ability to organize, integrate and present content
  • The ability to organize, integrate and present content for a variety of audiences.   This includes, for example, creating subject guides (e.g., LibGuides, SharePoint pages, pathfinders); (2) aggregating and presenting information to respond to user needs; (3) tagging content to improve information access; (4) creating and maintaining information alerts; (5) testing usability of web products; and (6) integrating disparate information sources (e.g., library catalogs, RSS feeds) into web portals.

Apply https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/545344400/

Deadline:  10/09/2019

2019-2020 Research Intern-DC

Approximate date of posting  September 9, 2019 

Position: Research Intern

Eligibility currently enrolled

Location: Washington, DC

Company/Institution/Organization  National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health is a 501c3 nonprofit devoted to education, policy analysis, technical assistance, and advocacy in support of long-term, systemic improvements in comprehensive health care and insurance coverage for adolescents.

 Schedule/Hours  10-15 hours/month

Time Frame: starting in September and continuing for a year

Compensation: $17/hour wage

Source  http://cuaslis.org/wp/paid-part-time-internship-opportunity-the-national-alliance-to-advance-adolescent-health-washington-dc/

Description The intern’s main responsibility will be to conduct monthly searches of published articles on transition from pediatric to adult care, examining multiple databases.

Candidates for this position must have free access to university library resources, technical skills to search multiple databases using specific key words, and the ability to extract and summarize selected information for use by Got Transition’s project staff (www.gottransition.org).

Website: https://www.thenationalalliance.org/

Apply Please send resumes to Jodi Shorr at jshorr@thenationalalliance.org


2019-2021 Academic Library Fellowship-North Carolina

Approximate Date of Posting:  9/7/2019

Position: Library Fellow

Eligibility Recent M.L.S. and M.I.S. graduates. An option for January or September placement may be available, depending upon graduation date. In order to be eligible, the terminal degree must be awarded no more than 12 months before the date of appointment. In order to be eligible, the terminal degree must be awarded between December 2019 and September 2020.

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Company/Organization   North Carolina State University

Schedule/Hours: Full-time

Time Frame:  2 years July 2020 through June 2022.

Compensation $65,000 plus benefits package. Professional development stipend, up to $2,500 annually.

Source: Libjobs


The NCSU Libraries Fellows Program provides the launching pad for your career in a leading research library. As a Fellow you will experience the rewards of working with a diverse clientele, including outstanding faculty and students in nationally ranked academic programs. You will gain experience in a highly collaborative work environment with access to key decision makers throughout the organization. You will also develop expertise in a functional area of academic librarianship while contributing meaningfully to an innovative initiative of strategic importance.

The NCSU Libraries is well known for its technological advances and commitment to defining the future of librarianship. We seek out candidates with interests and aptitudes in these areas and Fellows’ assignments reflect these areas of focus. Fellows perform as entry-level librarians half-time in a home department. The remaining time is devoted to an initiative of strategic importance in an area outside the home department.

The Libraries recognizes that self-determination is an important consideration. During the interview process, candidates learn more about the Libraries’ departments and initiatives. Candidates are then given the opportunity to indicate their preferences for department and project assignments. The Libraries makes assignments that consider those preferences.

Website: https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/fellows/about




How to Apply:  https://jobs.ncsu.edu/postings/107067 Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis upon receipt. Interviews will be held January/February 2020

We suggest you address your letter “Dear Members of the Nomination Committee.” The committee membership changes annually and will be posted on the website with the vacancy announcement upon selection.

Deadline: Anticipated closing: January 11, 2019 We do not set a deadline in advance for applications. We continue to accept applications until finalist candidates are selected, the timing of which can vary. We often do, however, include language in the vacancy announcement encouraging candidates to apply by a certain date. This is offered as a guideline only. If you see the vacancy announcement posted and the link to the online application system is still live, we are still accepting applications. Also note that on the online application system you will see a date in the box marked “Must Be Open Until.” THIS IS NOT A DEADLINE. We are required to post vacancies for a certain number of working days. This box only indicates that the job MUST remain open until a certain date. The vacancy announcement will remain open well after that date

2019 Fall or 2020 Spring Young Readers Intern-D.C

Approximate date of posting  September 3 , 2019

Position: Teaching with Primary Sources-the Young Readers Center, Library of Congress

Eligibility t least 18 years old; undergraduate or graduate student of good standing, or a recent graduate who has completed or will complete an academic program no more than six months before the internship begins, or no more than three months after it ends; interest in working in library or educational setting focused on pre-K through 16-year-old students. Successful candidates are likely to have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher; academic and, if applicable, professional experience related to education, library science, history or museum studies, etc., targeted at pre-K through 16-year-olds; 

Location: Library of

Company/Organization  he Young Readers Center (YRC) at the Library of Congress was established in 2009 as a place for children under age 16 to experience the Library of Congress. It is the first such center in the more than 200-year history of the Library.

The YRC is part of the Library’s Learning and Innovation Office. The mission of this unit is to inform, inspire, and engage learners. Learners include visitors to the Young Readers Center, as well as librarians and classroom teachers and their students who may never visit the Library of Congress. Through programs, publications, on-site experiences, and online initiatives, the unit informs learners about the mission, functions, and collections of the Library; inspires a love of reading and research; and engages audiences in creating and sharing knowledge.

Hosted by the Center for Learning, Literacy, and Engagement, the Young Readers Center (YRC) at the Library of Congress seeks interns to support the daily operation of the YRC and help it more closely align its programming for pre-K through 16-year-old audiences with Library of Congress digitized collections. Interns will gain high-quality experience while working alongside Library staff to devise, test and disseminate approaches for offering enriched, primary source-based programming for pre-K through 16-year-old visitors.

They will report to the program specialist.

While working in the YRC, interns will:

  • Engage child visitors and their families with primary source and collection-based activities
  • Learn about the Library, its collections and programs
  • Help to plan, lead and support primary source-based YRC programming
  • Design and implement a special project as described in the application materials
  • Conduct research and consult with Library experts to support YRC programming
  • Plan and help lead a webinar for the Library’s grantees focused on using Library of Congress materials for K-12 education in collaboration with a Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium member

Schedule/Hours  Interns will work from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, five days a week between Monday and Saturday.

Time Frame: Short-term. Fall and Spring terms

Compensation: Stipend. However, each intern will receive a monthly stipend of $500, plus $255 per month for local transportation, and up to $1,000 monthly to offset documented housing costs. Interns living outside of the Washington, DC metro area will receive a travel allowance of up to $1,000 to help pay for travel to and from DC at the beginning and end of their internship.

Source http://cuaslis.org/wp/internship-teaching-with-primary-sources-the-young-readers-center-library-of-congress/

Description The application period is open twice yearly (Fall and Spring terms). The Library of Congress will select one Young Readers Center intern per term through this notice. Applicants who are selected as interns must confirm their availability to work in the Young Readers Center during the term specified. Interns will participate in an orientation (including online trainings) to the YRC, the Learning and Innovation Office and its programming for teaching, and the Library of Congress and its various reading rooms, services and collections.


  • Application Packet Includes: 1) A resume, 2) a statement of purpose describing future professional and/or academic plans (250 words max), 3) a proposed project that demonstrates how the candidate will connect digitized primary sources from the Library of Congress, found at http://www.loc.gov, with contemporary children’s or teen literature in a pedagogically sound and engaging activity for YRC visitors (250 words max), 4) two academic and/or professional letters of recommendation, and 5) a transcript (may be unofficial).
  • Application packets should be submitted via email (using the subject line “TPS Internship at Young Readers Center – [Applicant’s full name]”) with all materials attached in one PDF document, by 11:59 PM local time on deadline listed above. Materials that arrive after that date, are attached to multiple email messages, or are incomplete will not be reviewed. E-mail your application packet to the regional Teaching with Primary Sources partner coordinating the state or U.S. territory in which you attend school or work:
    • Eastern Region

Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and all U.S. territories. Send to tps@waynesburg.edu

  • Midwest Region

Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee or Wisconsin. Send to primarysources@ilstu.edu

  • Western Region

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming. Send to tpscolorado@msudenver.edu

Please note: Library of Congress staff and partners cannot accept questions regarding individual applications. However, those who have general questions about the Young Readers Center and/or this internship program may contact: YRC@loc.gov.

Website:  http://www.read.gov/yrc/

POC:  YRC@loc.gov

Deadline: Fall 2019

  • Applications accepted between: 4/1/2019 – 5/20/2019

Spring 2020

  • Applications accepted between: 9/3/2019 – 10/8/2019

2019-2020 Curation Management Internship-VA

Approximate date of posting August 22, 2019

Position: Curation Management Internship

Eligibility  Museum Studies preservation background preferred,

Location: Chincoteague, VA-
Company/Institution/Organization Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge-US Fish and Wildlife Service-Internship is administered by the National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) in partnership with the National Park Service.

Schedule/Hours   800 hours with potential for an additional 200 hours.  

Time Frame: Full-time

Compensation: $15/hr  Housing included

Source  https://archivesgig.com/2019/08/22/chincoteague-va-paid-curation-management-intern-chincoteague-national-wildlife-refuge-us-fish-and-wildlife-service/

  • Description Intern needed to implement collection management activities for a small collection of waterfowl ephemera at Chincoteague National Wildlife (NWR), Chincoteague, VA. The focus of this internship will be to resolve cataloging discrepancies, conduct an inventory of the collection, including items on loan, documenting the collection and entering the collection into a museum database. A portion of the collection will also be packed for transportation to the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV.  Technical support and instruction will be provided by an offsite museum curator. As time allows, additional curation activities will be undertaken at the Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR in Cape Charles, VA.

Apply https://careers.archivists.org/jobs/12710742/curation-management-internship-chincoteague-national-wildlife-refuge-us-fish-and-wildlife-service

  Applications (resumes) can be submitted via email or hard copy. 

Please provide a resume and statement of interest expressing your basic qualifications

Website: http://www.preservenet.cornell.edu/employ/ncpe.php


Deadline: September 20, 2019.

2019-2020 Library and Research Intern-D.C.

Approximate date of posting  August 26, 2019
Position: Library and Research Intern

Eligibility Master’s-level graduate student pursuing a degree in Library & Information Science

AARP also considers non-traditional interns who are looking to re-enter the workforce or change careers.  This may include those who have previously graduated college and are now enrolled in a continuing education program.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Company/Institution/Organization AARP


 Schedule/Hours  25 hours per week 

Time Frame: year round intern.

Compensation: competitively paid

Source  http://cuaslis.org/wp/library-and-research-intern-at-aarp-part-time-paid-dc/

  • Description Fine-tune your research skills by interning with a dynamic unit focused on research, insights, synthesis, innovation, personal growth, and emerging technologies.  We are seeking a.  You must be able to learn quickly and apply new skills; work independently as well as collaboratively; and possess excellent research, analytical, writing, organizational, and communications skills.


The Library & Strategic Services Department of AARP is looking for a strong Master’s-level Library graduate student to serve as a paid The internship will provide the student with hands-on experience in conducting secondary research using a vast array of databases, as well as experience in interpreting and synthesizing research findings. It provides the chance to do meaningful work that impacts society, and the opportunity for making relevant professional connections. This position offers an exciting opportunity to work with the largest social welfare organization in the country and is an excellent way for a talented graduate student interested in Library Science and research to acquire hands-on experience as part of a small, committed and professional team.


On an average day you will be:


Conduct literature scans on research requests for stakeholders throughout the association.

Perform company due diligence and people vetting.


Synthesize research findings from AARP’s collection of resources, including primary and secondary research, academic journals, consumer and market research, etc.

Summarize research reports for internal distribution.

Contribute to data analyses and write-up of findings.


Proactively distribute research from AARP’s collection of resources to internal stakeholders.

Apply innovative thinking and problem solving to challenges.


Assist with special projects such as collection management.

Assist with library marketing and promotional events.


Explore and demonstrate new and emerging technologies in the AARP Library collection such as virtual reality (VR) technology.


Answer ad-hoc research requests as assigned.

Customer Service

Provide face to face interactions at the Library’s Reference Desk.

Monitor and provide timely responses via the Library’s internal communication channels to help manage project in-take.

Apply https://careers.aarp.org/ShowJob/Id/2076127/Library-and-Research-Intern/


2019-2020 Student Trainee (Librarian-Research)-D.C

Approximate date of posting August 27, 2019

Position: LEGISLATIVE BRANCH-1499 Library And Archives Student Trainee

  • Eligibility You must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • You must be a current student enrolled in a graduate program seeking a degree from an accredited educational institution on a full or half-time basis.   If at any point during the internship (and for any reason) your status as a student changes to that of a non-student, your internship will be terminated.
Location: D.C.
Company/Institution/Organization The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is an independent, nonpartisan agency that works for Congress. We accomplish our mission by providing objective and reliable information and analysis to the Congress, to federal agencies, and to the public, and recommending improvements, when appropriate, on a wide variety of issues to make government work better.

 Schedule/Hours  Multiple Schedules – Full-time or Part-time Interns must work a minimum of 400 hours, not to exceed a total of 640 hours. Part-time interns are required to work 24-32 hours a week.

Time Frame: The anticipated start date is September/October 2019. S

Compensation:   $47,016 to $57,510 per year

Source  http://cuaslis.org/wp/paid-fall-internship-librarian-research-legislative-branch-washington-dc/

Description Interns will assist with basic duties for library services that include, but not limited to,  the following:

  • Gathers information and assists in conducting research on non-specialized and/or specialized assignments.
  • Assists with developing search techniques for handling specific types of requests for use by other staff and outside requesters.
  • Evaluates current publications and electronic resources and provides recommendations for renewal. Identifies and recommends new research resources for purchase.
  • Participates in a variety of responsibilities related to collection development and resource evaluation and testing; website development and information architecture; and/or resource sharing.
  • Assists with researching various topics based on inquiries from mission teams, agency attorney’s and external customer and prepare routine responses based on research gathered to address inquiries.
  • Works with senior Librarians to develop and execute specialized research projects that involve developing different options related to sources and methodologies.
  • Executes searches of varying complexity using a wide variety of electronic info1mation retrieval systems and other resources
  • Prepares and/or revises user manuals or information sheets, and distributes information on new system capabilities and search strategies.

Apply https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/PrintPreview/543874400

For the essay question of this vacancy announcement, any application that does not provide an “actual narrative response” that addresses the KSA listed below, or that says “Please see resume” or the equivalent or “N/A” will not be accepted.

Website:  https://www.gao.gov/about/careers/why-work-for-gao/

Deadline: 09/10/2019

2019 -2020 Academic library & Archives Internship-CA

Approximate date of posting  8–28–2019

Position: Library & Archives Intern

Eligibility be currently enrolled in a graduate program in archival studies, library science, history, or related degree and have experience processing materials in archives or libraries.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Reading and writing knowledge of one or more foreign languages, particularly Russian, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic
Location: Stanford, California
Company/Institution/Organization Hoover Institution Library & Archives, Stanford University Founded by Herbert Hoover in 1919, the Hoover Institution Library & Archives are dedicated to documenting war, revolution, and peace in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With nearly one million volumes and more than six thousand archival collections from 171 countries, Hoover supports a vibrant community of scholars and a broad public interested in the meaning and role of history.

 Schedule/Hours  unspecified

Time Frame: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020 18-20 hours/week for a term limited to 1 year

Compensation:   Dependent on experience, $20- $22/hour

Source  https://ischoolapps.sjsu.edu/internships/new/view.php?listing=1673

Description Interns participate in a wide variety of projects under the direction of professional archivists and librarians. Students have the opportunity to gain career-relevant experience while contributing to the work of the institution. The program has been designed practical experience to graduate students and/or recent graduates.

After orientation with institutional procedures, and under close supervision, archival interns will have the opportunity to coordinate the arrangement, appraisal, and description of archival collections. Interns will be expected to participate in project planning, analyze problems and recommend solutions, working in teams with other staff members and independently.

In addition, interns support the overall functions of the reading room by assisting with reference duties and circulation of materials, including retrieving boxes for patrons from the stacks area according to a daily schedule and assisting with projects to shift and re-label boxes.

Apply Applicants should submit a cover letter addressing your interest in the position and applicable qualifications, foreign language experience, a resume, and references to Liz Phillips, lphillips@stanford.edu

CONTACT: Liz Konzak Phillips, Associate Archivist For Processing
PHONE 1: 650-725-3471
FAX: 650-725-3445
EMAIL: lphillips@stanford.edu

Website: http://www.hoover.org/library-archives

Deadline: unspecified