2019 (WAML) Diversity and Early Career Librarian Scholarships

Approximate date of posting  May 9, 2019

Position:Conference  Scholarship

Eligibility Anyone may apply to the WAML Scholarship, but preference is given to applicants residing in North America who identify with one or both of the following categories: 

·  Diversity: Librarians and library-workers from under-represented racial, social, and/or class groups who are interested in map and geospatial librarianship.

·  Early Career: Early-career librarians, MLIS students (currently enrolled or recently graduated), and library workers new to map and geospatial librarianship.

Location: Reno, Nevada  

Company/Organization  Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML)

Schedule/Hours  N/A

Time Frame:
SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2019

Compensation: stipend of $750 for costs related to the conference (lodging, travel, etc.), a one-year membership in WAML, and free conference registration and banquet ticket.

Source acrl-rig@lists.ala.org

Description The Western Association of Map Libraries (WAML) is an independent association of map and geospatial librarians and other people with an interest in maps and geospatial librarianship.

WAML is committed to actively encouraging diverse voices and new perspectives in the field of map and geospatial librarianship and within our organization. We are excited to announce two scholarships to attend the 2019 annual WAML conference

Program Description:
The overarching goal of the WAML Scholarship program is to advance WAML’s efforts toward being a more inclusive organization and to support the professional development of library-workers from diverse backgrounds. There are two primary objectives: 
1. Provide an opportunity for library-workers from under-represented racial, social, and/or class groups who are interested in map and geospatial librarianship to learn more about the profession, meet colleagues, and add new skills and knowledge. 
2. Introduce new or transitioning librarians to the world of map librarianship and the emerging career of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) librarianship. 

As an organization we believe that it is critical for our profession to reflect on and engage with the cultural and structural biases that are inherent to map and geospatial librarianship, and thus are actively recruiting people who may contribute new perspectives and experiences. The WAML conference provides a great opportunity for students or new/transitioning librarians to learn, network, and develop themselves and the profession of Map and GIS librarianship. 

Website: http://www.waml.org/mbrinfo.html#Scholarships

Apply https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScZ0U6D_q7wHV9OZSccJPYbMjVOcoosSwQrWMRK4pR6ojfKeA/viewform


Spring 2019 Kaleidoscope Program Call for Applications

Approximate date of posting  April 5, 2019

Position: Tuition Stipend

Eligibility Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • Identify as being from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, based on the categories outlined by the US Census Bureau or Statistics Canadaor Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) people classifications
  • Be a resident of the US or Canada
  • Be accepted into an ALA-accredited MLIS program
  • Have a strong interest in pursuing a career in a research library or archive, especially one that is a member of the Association of Research Libraries

Location: N/A

Company/Organization  Association of Research Libraries (ARL) The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is accepting applications for the 2019–2021 cohort of the Kaleidoscope Program. Formerly known as the Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce (IRDW), the Kaleidoscope Program recruits master of library and information science (MLIS) students from historically underrepresented ethnic and racial groups into careers in research libraries and archives.

Schedule/Hours  N/A

Time Frame:Two Years

Compensation: A tuition stipend of up to $10,000 over two years

Source commlmgr@arl.org

Description Program Goal and Objectives

The Kaleidoscope Program seeks to:

  • Attract MLIS students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to careers in research libraries and archives
  • Strengthen participants’ leadership and job-searching skills via the ARL Annual Leadership Symposium held during the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting
  • Develop a network of peers and mentors who will guide and nurture the career development of the participants

Website: https://www.arl.org/news/arl-news/4747-kaleidoscope-program-call-for-applications-deadline-may-15:

How to Apply:
All applicants are required to complete the form below and attach the following in documents in PDF:

  • Résumé
  • Essay (400 words maximum)
  • Unofficial undergraduate transcripts including last academic semester completed 
  • Unofficial graduate transcripts including last academic semester completed OR official letter of acceptance into a graduate-level program in library and information science (either at the time of application or before being accepted into the Kaleidoscope Program) 

Additional required documents (via email):

  • Two letters of recommendation.

POC: Letters of recommendation should be written on professional letterhead, signed, scanned, and emailed directly from the reference to Mira Swearer at mira@arl.org.

Apply: http://arl.formstack.com/forms/kaleidoscope_application_2019

Deadline:  by 11:59 p.m. eastern daylight time on Wednesday, May 15, 2019:

2019-2020 Scholarly Publishing Scholarship Fellowship

Approximate date of posting February 20, 2019

 Eligibility: Early-Career Fellowship applicant requirements: must be in their first four years of work in the publishing and information profession.

Student Fellowship applicant requirements: must be current students in a dedicated publishing or library and information science program, or in another program in which they take publishing, librarianship, or information science courses.

Position: Scholarship/Fellowship

Location: various

Company/Organization   Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Each spring, the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) awards 12 students and early-career professionals with a highly competitive Fellowship. Students of publishing, librarianship, and information science, together with early-career professionals in the first four years of employment in the scholarly communications industry, are invited to apply. The application will be open from February 7 to March 7, 2019, so if you meet the requirements below, we invite you to participate.

Schedule/Hours   N/A

Time Frame  2019-2020

Compensation:  Reimbursement of up to US $1,300 for travel and lodging expenses incurred to attend the meeting.

  • Complimentary SSP membership for the calendar year in which they become a Fellow;
  • Discounted SSP membership for two additional years;

Source https://sfmoma.snaphire.com/jobdetails?jobmc=27160IND&source=IND

Description:  The Fellowship lasts for one year and begins at the SSP Annual Meeting – to be held in San Diego, CA, May 29-31, 2019. The Fellowship program supports and nurtures students and early-career professionals who are eager to develop their skills and learning experiences within the scholarly publishing community by attending informational sessions and networking with industry professionals.

After the Annual Meeting, the Fellowship program will provide multiple training and career development opportunities, including networking events and community forums, individualized advice and guidance from an assigned mentor, and participation in an SSP committee. These Fellowships are funded through corporate sponsorships and from the SSP operating budget. 

SSP Fellowship Benefits

The 2019 SSP Fellows will receive the following:

  • Complimentary SSP membership for the calendar year in which they become a Fellow;
  • Discounted SSP membership for two additional years;
  • Assignment of an industry expert Mentor, with opportunities to communicate via e-mail and telephone throughout the year, and in person at the Annual Meeting;
  • Facilitated quarterly teleconferences with other Fellowship recipients and Fellowship Mentors;
  • Free registration to the Annual Meeting;
  • Free registration to a pre-conference seminar;
  • Fellowship meet-up and networking event at the Annual Meeting for current and former Fellows and travel grant alumni;
  • Reimbursement of up to US $1,300 for travel and lodging expenses incurred to attend the meeting. Applications from beyond North America are especially encouraged; funding of up to US $2,000 for travel is available to support overseas Fellows;
  • Free registration to SSP webinars organized throughout the year;
  • Free registration to one regional networking event organized throughout the year;
  • Opportunity to participate in an SSP committee;

SSP Fellowship Obligations

All SSP Fellows will be ambassadors of the Society and will be expected to undertake the following throughout their Fellowship year:

  • Submit a written report after attending the SSP Annual Meeting describing experiences and learning outcomes. Note: this report may be used as the basis for an article in the Scholarly Kitchen blog.
  • Be actively involved in an SSP committee;
  • Participate in a group Fellowship project to benefit other early-career professionals and students studying publishing and library and information science;
  • Participate in an annual Fellowship survey to provide feedback on the program;
  • Complete any feedback surveys for seminars, webinars, and networking events attended throughout the year;
  • Communicate and engage with their assigned Mentor throughout the year.

As an SSP ambassador, Fellows will work with committees to promote and highlight the program, signing a release that will allow SSP to use their images and text in publicity material.

How to Apply Fellows will be selected on the strength of their responses to the three questions listed below. Résumés should also be included with your application.

  • Please describe why you merit this Fellowship. Which of your work/educational experiences and qualifications are especially relevant?
  • In addition to communicating what you’ve learned by attending SSP’s Annual Meeting to your colleagues/fellow students, how will you practically incorporate this new knowledge into your work/educational life?
  • The scholarly communications field is in a state of flux. Discuss how this industry could or should evolve over the next 5 years to meet the changing needs of scholars and researchers.

Applicants are asked to limit their responses to 300 words per question.

POC: If you have questions about the fellowship program, please contact Jen Zolkos at jzolkos@sspnet.org.

Website: https://www.sspnet.org/fellowship-program-application/

Deadline: March 7, 2019,

2019-2021 Graduate Studies Scholarship/Fellowship

Approximate date of posting January 16, 2019

Position: Mosaic Program;  2019–2021 cohort

Eligibility: To be eligible for the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program II, you must:

Identify as being from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group, based on the categories outlined by the US Census Bureau or Statistics Canada or Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) people classifications

Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada

Be accepted into a master’s program in archival science, archival management, digital archives, special collections, or a related program

Remain enrolled in at least six graduate credit hours per term through completion of the designated graduate program(s) and have at least one full academic year remaining in studies

Maintain a 3.0 grade point average (on a 4-point scale) each term and submit transcripts as evidence of progression towards completion of graduate studies in the targeted areas

Location: To be Determined

Company/Organization  Association of Research Libraries   The program promotes diversification of the archives and special collections professional workforce by supporting master of library and information science (MLIS) students from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic groups who are concentrating on archives or special collections librarianship.

Website: https://www.arl.org/focus-areas/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/arl-saa-mosaic-scholarship-program#.XD-mCs9KjUIhttps://www.arl.org/focus-areas/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/arl-saa-mosaic-scholarship-program#.XD-mCs9KjUI

Schedule/Hours  N/A

Time Frame. 2019-2021

Compensation: The ARL/SAA Mosaic Program II offers a generous compensation package for each program participant consisting of:

Tuition stipend of up to $10,000 distributed in four equal installments of $2,500 per semester or quarter

Paid yearlong internship in a partner archives or library organization beginning in fall 2019

Participation in select Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) trainings

Mentoring from an archives professional or special collections librarian

Financial assistance of up to $1,000 for relocation to the area of the MLIS program that the participant will attend

Student membership in SAA for two years

Support for travel to and participation in the ARL Annual Leadership Symposium, held during the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in January 2020

Support for travel to and participation in the annual ARL/SAA Mosaic Leadership Forum and SAA Annual Meeting in summer 2020

Source:  ARL Communications 

Description: The scholarship program provides financial tuition support of up to $10,000 per student, a paid internship in a partner ARL library or archive, relocation assistance, and financial support for student membership in SAA. This new iteration of the program, ARL/SAA Mosaic Program II, will also offer a professional development experience to emphasize digital curation and management skills.

How to Apply http://arl.formstack.com/forms/arlsaa_mosaic2_program_application_2019

completed online application form and attachments as well as both letters of recommendation

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time (EST) on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

2019 Archival Scholarship

Approximate date of posting  January 15, 2019

 Position: F. Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship from the Society of American Archivists

Eligibility The student must have successfully completed a minimum of three (3) semester credit hours, or the equivalent, of a course(s) meeting the definition of “core archival knowledge” presented in the Guidelines. The course(s) must be completed by the time of application (February 28).

 Location: N/A

Company/Organization In January 1998, SAA Fellow, past president, and long-time member F. Gerald Ham and his wife Elsie established the F. Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund, endowed in 2008, is to provide financial support to graduate students in a professional archival studies program. Criteria for selection of the award recipient includes the applicant’s past performance in her/his graduate program in archival studies as well as a faculty member’s assessment of the student’s prospects for contributing to the archives profession. Selection will be made based on merit.

Website: https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/45878-Society-Of-American-Archivists

Schedule/Hours N/A

Time Frame unspecified

Compensation: A scholarship of $10,000. Also included is complimentary registration to the SAA Annual Meeting in the year in which the scholarship is received.

The scholarship funds must be used to support the graduate archival education of a student who is studying at a United States university program that meets the criteria for graduate education set forth by the Society of American Archivists’ Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies

Source http://mlis.umd.edu/f-gerald-ham-and-elsie-ham-scholarship-from-the-society-of-american-archivists/


How to Apply include the following:

  • A cover letter stating the applicant’s interest in the scholarship, describing the applicant’s performance in their archival education coursework, and providing background on the applicant’s interests and accomplishments.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • An official transcript of the applicant’s grades since entering the graduate program. NOTE: Allow enough time to get transcripts by application deadline.
  • One letter of recommendation from an instructor in the applicant’s graduate program in archival studies. NOTE: The reference should upload the letter of recommendation to the online form by the application deadline.
  • An essay (no more than five pages in length) that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to “think like an archivist.”

Deadline February 28 of each year 

2019 Medical Library Association Scholarship

Approximate date of posting  October 5, 2018


  • Eligibility The applicant must be entering a master’s program at an American Library Association (ALA)–accredited graduate library school or, at the time of the granting of the scholarship (February), have completed no more than one-half of the academic requirements of the graduate program.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of or have permanent residence in either the United States or Canada.
  • Past recipients of the MLA Scholarship or the MLA Scholarship for Minority Students are not eligible to apply.
  • Membership in MLA is not required.

Location: United States

Company/Organization   Medical Library Association

Schedule/Hours  N/A

Time Frame. recipient will be notified in March

Value: A scholarship of up to $5,000

Source: https://www.mlanet.org/page/mla-scholarship

Description: A scholarship of up to $5,000 is awarded annually by the Medical Library Association (MLA) to a student who shows excellence in scholarship and potential for accomplishment in health sciences librarianship. The scholarship is announced at the annual meeting of the association, where the recipient will also receive a one-year student membership in MLA and free inclusive student registration at the association’s annual meeting.

Website: https://www.mlanet.org/page/mla-scholarship

How to Apply: Choose the 2019 MLA Scholarship online application form. https://www.mlanet.org/e/sx/in/eid=27

Deadline: The completed application form and accompanying materials must be received by December 1.

2019-2020 Associate Fellowship Program for Medical Librarianship-MD

Approximate date of posting  October 5, 2018

Position: Associate Fellow

Eligibility postgraduate ; recent library science graduates interested in a career in health sciences librarianship

Location: Bethesda, MD

Company/Organization  The National Library of Medicine Associate Fellowship Program is a one-year postgraduate training fellowship at the NLM in Bethesda, Maryland, with an optional second year program component. The program is designed to provide a broad foundation in health sciences information services, and to prepare librarians for future leadership roles in health sciences libraries and in health services research.


Time Frame August 2019  one-year optional second year

  • Compensation: Annual stipend of $54,972
  • Additional funding to support purchase of group health insurance
  • Up to $1,500 in relocation support
  • Full support for attendance at local and national conferences

Source: N/A

Description: During the program, Associates will:

  • Learn about the collections, databases, terminologies, research and development, training, outreach, and exhibits that comprise the work and achievements of the National Library of Medicine
  • Understand strategic planning and development at a national level
  • Work on real-life projects that affect libraries and users throughout the country
  • Join a dynamic and successful cohort of alumni
  • Attend professional development conferences and seminar


Website: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/about/training/associate/index.html

How to Apply:


POC If you have questions about the Associate Fellowship Program, please contact:

Kathel Dunn, Program Coordinator
NLM Associate Fellowship Program
8600 Rockville Pike
Building 38, Room 2N-05, MSC 3818
Bethesda, MD 20894
Phone: (301) 827-4284
Fax: (301) 480-2370

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) manages the application process. If you have questions about your application, please contact:

1299 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-0117
Phone: (865) 576-9975
Fax: (865) 574-2846


Deadline: January 25th, 2019